Welcome to the website for the Zhunrize, Inc. Receivership.  The purpose of this website is to:

  • Provide updates and current information regarding the Zhunrize Receivership
  • Post copies of pertinent court filings
  • Provide answers to frequently asked questions
  • Provide a portal for communication with the Receiver
The period in which to file a claim against the assets of the Zhunrize Receivership has expired

The Receivership has completed the claims process and made the distributions for all net allowed claims. In summary:

  • 2,867 net allowed investor and vendor claims.
  • $41,435,066 was distributed to vendors and holders of net allowed claims in the sole and final distribution. 

  • There are still certain administrative and legal matters to complete before the Receivership can be closed.  Any funds remaining at the end of the Receivership will be remitted to the Unites States Treasury.

    A number of email addresses are blocking correspondence from some of the Receivership email servers.

    If you use:

    • nate.com
    • daum.net
    • naver.com
    • hanmail.net

    Please make sure your email accepts all correspondence from zhunrizereceivership.com before filing your claim.